Affirmative Constructive Speech School Uniforms Example

Affirmative Constructive Speech School Uniforms Example

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Affirmative Constructive Debate Example: Debate Topic of School Uniforms

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  • "Be it resolved that beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, all students will be required to wear school-issued uniforms during the school day and other school-sponsored events."
  • Define the terms of the resolution or proposal (1st Affirmative). Both sides must use and understand these terms in the same way.
  • TERM #1: We the affirmative define "uniform" as school-issued articles of clothing, bearing the logo of the school and in school colors.
  • TERM #4: We define school-sponsored events as being any event where students are volunteering or working for the school, or representing the school such as Open House, Parent Nights, club conferences, and field trips. We exclude sports events, prom, semi-formal dances, and club activities that take place after 3:00pm.
  • TERM #3: We define the school day as anytime between the regular school hours of 7:30am and 2:30pm, with students who remain after school for extra help until 3:00 being counted in this requirement.
  • TERM #2: Furthermore, we define these uniforms as specific articles of clothing chosen from the uniform company's catalog provided for the school. These include boys' and girls' pants, polo shirts, sweaters, long-sleeved polo shirts, and girls' skirts. Standards on plain black or brown shoes will be directed by the school.
  • State the arguments for the changes proposed. Use evidence, reasoning, and rhetorical strategies to make your points.
  • ARGUMENT #4: Sometimes students are not aware that their outfits are inappropriate. Last year alone, over 300 detentions were issued for students who broke the dress code. With school uniforms, time spent by teachers disciplining students for dress code violations will go down, allowing them more time to plan lessons and teach us.
  • ARGUMENT #1: Some students are routinely subjected to bullying because they don't have the right shoes or the newest pair of fancy jeans. Uniforms would take the competition out of our wardrobes, and help us focus on learning.
  • ARGUMENT #3: The average student spends 10-20 minutes every morning deciding what he or she will wear to school. With school uniforms, students don't have to plan what they will wear, and can spend more time in bed, sleeping, which will help them stay awake in classes.
  • ARGUMENT #2: On average, parents in our district pay between $300-500 per child for new schoolyear wardrobes. If the child wants to keep up with the latest fashion trends, this figure may be higher. With uniforms, that $300 can be used to purchase clothing that can be used year after year, and as hand-me-downs for younger children.
  • Present the steps of the plan after establishing the need for change. Begin each point with "We will:..."
  • ARGUMENT #1:
  • ARGUMENT #3:
  • STEP #2: We will have the catalog of the available wardrobe choices be made available by June, so we have time to decide what we would like to wear before summer arrives.
  • ARGUMENT #2:
  • STEP #4: Finally, we will also establish a waiver plan for students who are low-income, to allow them to buy a base uniform wardrobe using a waiver so that they can be in compliance with the new rules, and not put a large financial burden on families. For families with multiple children, there will be a 15% discount.
  • STEP #1: We will ensure that the school policy is updated to reflect the uniform dress code for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.
  • STEP #3: We will allow a Q&A session with parents and students before the end of this school year regarding the changes, so that all questions, concerns, and any confusion can be addressed.
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