Teemad Tuck Everlastingis

Teemad Tuck Everlastingis
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Tuck Everlasting

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Paluge õpilastel tuvastada Natalie Babbitti raamatu Tuck Everlasting teemad ja illustreerida näiteid tekstist!

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  • I brought you this bottle of the spring water. When you are seventeen, you can drink it and we can live together forever.
  • Seal. Sa oled turvaline. Igavesti.
  • The main theme of the novel is immortality. The Tucks will never age, they will never die. Time truly doesn’t mean anything to them. When Winnie was given the choice to live forever or not, she chose not to. Would you have made that same choice?
  • Winnie is extremely loyal to the Tuck family. One example of this is when she insists that she wasn’t kidnapped by them. Another example is when she takes a big risk by offering to pretend to be Mae in jail so the family can have more time to run away.
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