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Pyydä oppilaita luomaan visuaalinen juoniyhteenveto David Barclay Mooren tähdistä jalkojemme alla käyttämällä tätä hauskaa toimintaa!

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  • The Stars Beneath Our Feet by David Barclay Moore about 12-year-old Wallace "Lolly" Rachpaul growing up in Harlem. The book begins Christmas Eve a few months after Lolly's big brother Jermaine was tragically killed in a gang-related shooting. The story follows Lolly as he channels his grief into creativity. Immersing himself in his favorite hobby, Legos, Lolly uses his imagination and artistry to build the extensive, intricate world of Harmonee.
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  • Lolly lives with his mother in St. Nicholas Housing Projects in Harlem, NYC. His best friend Vega lives in an apartment nearby and is someone Lolly can always count on especially in supporting Lolly after the sudden and tragic death of his older brother, Jermaine. Lolly's parents are divorced and his father has not been around much. Knowing that he has been struggling with his grief, Lolly's mother's girlfriend Yvonne gifts him two big garbage bags full of Legos for Christmas. 
  • Lolly attends an after school program. There, he talks with the director, Mr. Ali, who is a social worker that helps Lolly process his grief. Mr. Ali allows Lolly to build his Lego creations in an empty storage room and Lolly looks forward to escaping there to his make believe world Harmoee. One day Mr. Ali allows Rose, who struggles socially due to her autism, come to the storage room and build alongside Lolly using his Legos. At first, Lolly resents her invading his sanctuary and challenges her to a tower building contest, which ends in a tie.
  • Lolly and Rose communicate through their love of architecture. Rose is grieving the loss of her mother to suicide. Unfortunately, the storage room is going to be repurposed. Before they dismantle their worlds, they have a display for the community. Lolly makes it onto the news! He sees that he might have a future as an artist. One evening, Lolly and Vega get jumped by gang members who have been harassing them. Lolly‘s phone and Vega's jacket are stolen and both boys are badly beaten up.
  • The attack leaves both boys angry and hurt but Lolly has his Legos and his dreams of becoming an artist to escape to. Vega is disillusioned and so angry that he begins thinking of joining a gang and seeking revenge. He even procures a gun. Lolly is able to talk Vega out of pursuing revenge and the two boys throw the gun into the river. They don't want to go down the same tragic path as Lolly's brother Jermaine.
  • The story ends with Lolly realizing that even though he will always miss his brother, he can find positive ways channel his grief and can keep Jermaine's memory alive by talking to him and seeking help when he needs it from the positive influences around him. Lolly says the people you are friends with can either lift you up higher or bring you down low. He realizes that your choices are what make you who you are.
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