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Five Forces Example

Five Forces Example

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An analysis of competition in the widget industry using Porter's Five forces framework.

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  • New Entrants
  • Rivalry
  • Subsitution
  • All new!
  • WIDGET! Get yours today!
  • • Facilities require capital investment • Increasing returns to scale • Threats most likely to originate from a large manufacturer diversifying
  • • The widget market is well established and saturated; growth is slow • Commoditization of widgets leads to very low customer loyalty
  • • Widgets are traditional • Alternatives lack the flexibility of widgets • Wodgets are the most common substitute. • Smart-widgets could become a threat.
  • Buyers
  • Five Forces Impacting Widget Manufacturing Competition
  • Sellers
  • All others
  • Acme Corp.
  • • Consumer-grade widget distribution highly fragmented • Widgets are nonessential • Buyers are very price sensitive
  • • Acme Corp. currently supplies 53% of all raw materials for widgets • All widget raw materials are commodities • Cost of raw materials constitute 1/3 of costs
  • XYZ Minerals
Più Storyboard By nathanael-okhuysen
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