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Five Forces Narrative

Five Forces Narrative

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Storyboard Descrizione

A quick narrative to illustrate an analysis using Porter's Five Forces framework.

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  • The Ben
  • For a long time Ben has thought about opening his own bar. He has experience in the industry, good management skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • He's worried it won't be successful though. He's seen a number of bars in other places go out of business in the first few years.
  • Ben decides to do a five forces analysis to better understand the business environment. He uses Storyboard That to organize his research, analyze competition, and inform his business plan.
  • Storyboard That's presentation options help him explain his idea to potential partners, and even secure a small business loan.
  • Because he did his research and prepared, Ben picks a great location for his bar, and he has realistic plans for expenses and cash-flow. He is the proud owner of a successful small business.
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