Catcher in the Rye Holden as an Antihero

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Catcher in the Rye Holden as an Antihero
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Definere Anti Hero

Leksjonsplaner av Rebecca Ray

En økende trend innen litteratur, på skjermen og på scenen har flyttet seg til å produsere mer mangelfulle menneskelige hovedpersoner. Forbilde av dyd som er modige, dyktige og som alltid gjør det rette. I stedet for disse inspirerende heltene har mange verk en komplementær arketype: antihelten.

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Catcher in the Rye Holden Caufield as Anti-hero with a storyboard - Anti-hero definition and examples

Storyboard Tekst

  • Definition
  • Let's go up to Vermont, or Massachusetts and get jobs, and build a cabin...
  • That's stupid, Holden.
  • Characteristics
  • My name is Rudolf Schmidt. Your son Ernie is the most popular kid at Pencey.
  • Really?!
  • Antihero: a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes such as idealism, moral goodness, and altruism.
  • Examples
  • Holden is an antihero because he is a perpetual liar, he frequently judges and finds fault with others, and he fails to follow through with any plans.
  • Non-Examples
  • Where?!
  • Hey! There's Gary Cooper!
  • You flunked out AGAIN?! Dad's going to kill you!
  • Holden meets three girls in a bar and dances with them, but he thinks they’re all morons. He eventually tells one girl that he has just seen Gary Cooper, the movie star, to mess with her because he can’t stand her. When she tells the other girls she even caught a glimpse of him, Holden gets a good laugh.
  • Phoebe is the opposite of Holden. She is sweet, innocent, and genuinely concerned for Holden. When she finds out he’s failed out of school, she’s afraid of the punishment he’ll get from their father. When he tells her he’s hitchhiking out West, she tries to come along, and follows him to the zoo afterwards, even though she’s upset.
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