Negotiate with Storyboards

Negotiation Tactics, Strategies, and Skills

Learning to negotiate can be some of the greatest asset a person can posses. In Storyboard That’s Illustrated Guide to Negotiation, you will find out what negotiation is, various negotiation tactics, negotiation training and outcomes, and strategies to plan and prepare yourself for anything. Negotiations happen in everyday encounters and the more you understand and prepare, the more successful you will become while you negotiate.

Negotiation Definition: The process of two or more parties bargaining terms of an agreement or transaction.

What Can You Negotiate?

Some of these examples seem trivial, but some will save you thousands of dollars. Practicing on the small issues will help you to prepare for the very important negotiations.

There is nothing like seeing your negotiation plan visually with pictures.

Using storyboards to plan strategies, tactics, and skills empowers you to visualize your preparation for the hardest negotiations. Our specially crafted negotiation guides will help you comprehend the hardest of negotiation tactics and prepare you for anything from a salary negotiation to term negotiation with a supplier.

Negotiation Tactics & Strategies

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Create your own at Storyboard That Our Goals Our BATNA & Bottom Line Bargaining Options Their Expected Strategy Our Strategy Our Strengths Our Weaknesses Wants: Status quo with a 3% or less increase or agreement to the 2-yr deal at the same rates • BATNA: Switch to LocalMade LLC • Bottom Line: Walk if price rate increases 9% • 2-yr requirements contract • Indexed to changes in industry average costs • Storage facilities = flexible fulfillment • They will take a hard approach • They'll try to anchor negotiations with a high initial number • Stick with the game plan • Sell the 2-year deal • Emphasize the longstanding relationship • Stand firm and try to stay objective • We have viable alternatives • Strong existing relationship • Arguing for fair rates • They don't need to renew our contract • Susan is a better negotiator Negotiation Summary 3% Well, if you can't give us a better rate, we're just going to walk. We value you as a customer, of course, but we don't need your business.


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Negotiation Preparation Guide

This is our go-to negotiation guide with storyboards. Plan out your next negotiation with business tools like SWOT, Johari Window, BATNA, and more. Using storyboards in your preparation is useful to share your ideas with colleagues and fellow negotiators. Learn more in our full article.

Types of Negotiation Power

Understanding your position before starting to negotiate can leverage the outcome. Preparing negotiation tactics to create your wanted outcome is very important. Find the six types of negotiation powers and see where your power lies in our full article, Types of Negotiating Power.

6 Types of Power
Create your own at Storyboard That Obstructive Walking Personal Collective Normative Constructive The capacity to prevent the other side from getting something they want. The capacity to leave the negotiation. The capacity to enhance another sort of power through personal qualities or capabilities. The capacity to enhance or augment another type of power by reaching out to individuals or a group outside the negotiation. The capacity to sway the negotiation with arguments about fairness, equality, or other normative values. The capacity to provide something the other side wants. Negotiation Power