How to Pitch a Product

Storyboard That allows anyone to build amazing and powerful storyboards in minutes for a business idea through full new product development - without the need for an artist. Storyboard That is the world’s most popular online storyboard creator with millions of storyboards created.

Bringing a new product to life is expensive and time consuming. In today’s world of lean product development and lean manufacturing, faster, better, and cheaper prototypes are the best. With Storyboard That, you can quickly create a storyboard that shows your product from a customer’s perspective and really tell the story of why your product will "wow" customers and dominate the marketplace. Build amazing pitch decks for meetings with potential investors.

After creating your first “product pitch” storyboard you can share it with your peers, investors, engineers, and marketing team to share and discuss your idea. With each bit of feedback, your team will be closer to an amazing product, and storyboards are quicker to update than code!

Solomofoo Example
Solomofoo Example

Create a Product Idea*

Think Big Picture

Storyboards are ideal at guiding high level conversations to ensure there is agreement about what your product should do and why. The examples for SoLoMoFoo make it clear it is a mobile app to track free food in the office, but don’t prescribe a specific user interface or architectural platform. If it turns out the core business idea won’t be viable, any development work will be wasted.

Personas and Epic User Stories

After the team has aligned on an overarching vision of the product, it is time to start creating User Personas and Visual Agile User Stories. For a deeper look into Personas and User Stories, check out Storyboard That's Illustrated Guide to Product Development.


Personas are a powerful way to describe who are the end users that will interact with your new product. By thinking about who these users are first, it helps clarify what their needs and wants are and how to tailor your product to their needs. Being able to choose from any of the pre-made and customizable characters and scenes quickly and easily brings them to life in their native habitat.

Download Free Persona Templates

SoLoMoFoo Personas
SoLoMoFoo Personas

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Visual Agile User Stories

After defining your personas, create visual agile user stories to show how each persona will interact with your product and how features might work. The immersive visual stories allow your team to envision how systems interact in a way traditional sticky note user stories can’t. This leads to quicker discovery of unintended consequences and innovation for better ideas.

Food Allergies
Food Allergies

Create a Product Idea*

Presenting and Sharing Storyboards

It is incredibly easy to present and share storyboards. All storyboards can be made into a one click presentation by clicking on the “View Slide Show” button. Storyboards can also be exported as PowerPoints, high resolution downloads, and PDFs. The privacy on each storyboard can also be controlled by the author. This all allows for rapid sharing and collaboration of ideas.

Just for Fun – How We Came up with SoLoMoFoo

Our Head of Creativity, who looks shockingly like Baking Bridget, really does make amazing cookies. While brainstorming for our fake company we devoured an entire tray of cookies and knew we had our idea. We also originally called the company SoLoMoFo, but people reacted very negatively without the extra "o"!


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