Ekko: Friedrichs Historie

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Ekko: Friedrichs Historie
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Ekkooversigt og Aktiviteter

Echo af Pam Muñoz Ryan

Lektionsplaner af Liane Hicks

Echo fortæller fire forskellige, fortryllende historier fra forskellige tider og steder. Det er en fortælling om ofring, familie, venskab og musikkens forenende kraft. Den er opdelt i fire forskellige dele: Ottos historie i slutningen af 1800-tallet i Tyskland; Friedrichs historie i 1933 i Tyskland; Mikes historie i 1935 i Pennsylvania; og Ivys historie i 1942 i det sydlige Californien.


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  • M M
  • Echoby Pam Muñoz Ryan
  • Trossingen Harmonica Factory
  • M
  • Friedrich was born with a large birthmark on his face. His father, Martin, was kind and reassured him but peers treated him horribly. To spare Friedrich, Martin homeschooled him and was an apprentice at the Harmonica factory. However, in 1933, things were changing for the worse in Germany with Hitler's rise to power.
  • Friedrich dreamed of becoming a conductor. One day found a special harmonica. His Uncle had taught him to play harmonica and Friedrich could tell this one was special. The family was very musical and often played together. However, Elisabeth became brainwashed by Hitler's ideology, much to her father's dismay.
  • Friedrich's father was outspoken about his opposition to Hitler. Because of this, Martin was arrested by Nazi Brownshirts and sent to Dachau concentration camp! People in Dauchau were tortured and worked to the point of death. Friedrich and his uncle made a plan to get him out and risked asking the "Hitlerite" Elisabeth for her help.
  • Elisabeth surprisingly sent money to bribe the guards at Dachau. Friedrich could not take anything on his mission so he placed his harmonica shipping box at the factory. When Friedrich boarded the train to Dachau he was spotted by Nazi soldiers! When they tried to arrest him, Friedrich heard beautiful music in his mind. He began to conduct his imaginary orchestra wildly!
  • In the commotion, the train began to leave the station. To avoid being stuck on the train, the Nazi soldiers jumped off, leaving Friedrich behind. He traveled to Dachau and rescued his father with the bribe money. Martin was badly beaten and malnourished, and it took months to recover. Martin and Friedrich made their way to Switzerland where they met Uncle Gunther and survived the war.
  • Friedrich achieved his dream of becoming a great conductor and at the end of the novel in 1951, he is conducting a performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City. His father and Uncle Gunter are proudly in attendance in the audience. They still hold out hope to reunite with Elisabeth someday and they reminisce over how far they have come.
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