Teaching Punctuation with StoryboardThat

Teaching Punctuation with StoryboardThat
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Undervisning Tegnsætning med Storyboards

Af Katherine Docimo

Storyboards er ikke kun til forståelse. De kan bruges i klasseværelset til også at undervise i vigtige grammatik og tegnsætningstimer. Ved at undervise tegnsætning ved hjælp af storyboards får eleverne mulighed for at skrive og illustrere deres betydning. Dette giver lærerne en klar og hurtig måde at vurdere den studerendes forståelse af konceptet på.

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Storyboard Beskrivelse

One great way to reinforce the rules of punctuation is to have students create a storyboard that defines each of the desired punctuation marks and then give a fully-illustrated example using storyboardthat. Students will get to think creatively while they internalize essential grammatical rules.

Storyboard Tekst

  • Hi! Let's talk about: PUNCTUATION
  • PERIOD ( . )
  • This castle is in a far away land.
  • COMMA ( , )
  • The castle has towers, windows, and a moat.
  • Punctuation is very important.
  • Oh no! There is a dragon approaching!
  • A period is for the end of a declarative sentence.
  • COLON ( : )
  • Thankfully, three soldiers will come to fight the dragon: Julius, Martin, and Jonah. They have to do two things: feed the dragon and put him to sleep.
  • A comma can separate clauses OR components of a list.
  • SEMI-COLON ( ; )
  • The dragon is defeated; everyone will celebrate!
  • An exclamation point is for sentences with lots of emotion.
  • A colon is used to tell the reader that a list of facts are coming.
  • A semi-colon is used to connect two complete thoughts in one sentence.
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