Storyboard That allows you to create worksheets and other full page documents using the features available in the Storyboard Creator! We recommend you start with a template for structure, but sometimes a completely blank page is all you need!

Start with a Template

Our team has created several pre-made templates to get you started! We wanted it to be easy to make something your students need, without having to build the structure from scratch. You can change everything on the template, just click on the element you want to change and adjust as necessary. Add in questions and exercises that match the skills you are teaching in class, or even make specialized pages for students who need a little extra help on certain skills.

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Start from Scratch

We have several templates, but it is likely you want to create something completely unique! Use a blank template with a pre-populated name and date, or roll up your sleeves and create a brand new storyboard!

Change the Layout

Create a new storyboard and use the Layout button to switch to a worksheet layout! Change the layout by pressing the layout button at the bottom of the Storyboard Creator.

storyboard software layouts - t chart, frayer model, timeline

A popup will appear with options to change the cell layout and the layout of the entire storyboard. Options for cells are on the left, and options for full layouts are on the right.

storyboard software layouts - t chart, frayer model, timeline, grid, widescreen

Select one of the options on the right to change to a full-page layout; the full-page options are in the second row. There are different page sizes available, and options for portrait and landscape orientations. You can change the storyboard layout at any time. Change the number of cells by pressing the "Add Cells" button; this function allows you to choose the number of cells, or pages, in this case.

Find Add / Delete Cells Button in storyboard software

Use Worksheet Assets

We have created several things to help you create a worksheet, poster, or whatever you want. There is a new category in the menu bar called "Worksheets" that has various text box combinations with words, lines, and symbols. Check out some common graphic organizers or diagrams that you can grab from the menu and drop right onto the page! All of these assets work like any of our other items: you can resize, rotate, copy, crop, group, align, layer, etc.

Multi-select different items by holding Shift and clicking on each item. Be sure to use the Align, Group, and Copy features.

This will make your life infinitely easier!

Use ANY Asset

One of the best features of Storyboard That is the poseable characters and customizable scenes! Add helpful image references, characters engaged in dialogue, scenes or diagrams, and much more! All Storyboard That artwork that you can use in a regular storyboard can be used in the full-page layouts. Be sure to search for items using the search bar.

Confused Stickie Character

Something Else?

If you have additional questions that did not get answered here, please send an email to!

Is there something we missed? Write us at or go to our feedback page to let us know what else you need.

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Our goal is NOT to provide ready worksheets, but tools to create amazing resources for your classroom.
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