Fish in a Tree Figurative Language

Fish in a Tree Figurative Language
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Chiedi agli studenti di identificare e illustrare il linguaggio figurato in Fish in a Tree di Lynda Mullaly Hunt!

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  • Simile
  • Metafora
  • Io credo in te.
  • Grazie.
  • Personification
  • Ally, hai vinto!
  • Poetry Contest Winner Will Be Announced Today!
  • "When Mr. Daniels looks in her direction, she stops like she has an on/off switch. When he looks away, she laughs at Albert again.”This means that Shay is very good at looking like a good kid in front of adults, and becomes mean the second they aren't looking.
  • "But no matter what, don’t give up. Because, every once in a while, a pawn becomes a queen.” This means that even those who feel small and unimportant can be the leaders.
  • “I stand and walk toward him like the floor will swallow me up.” This means that Ally is so apprehensive that she walks towards Mr. Daniels as if she's walking towards danger.
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