Social Stories - Individual Instruction

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Social Stories - Individual Instruction
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Aula di Storia Sociale

Storie Sociali in Aula

Di Meghan Kyne

Le storie sociali sono state inizialmente progettate per supportare i bambini con ASD su una base individuale. Tuttavia, i professionisti hanno capito il vantaggio di usare queste storie con i bambini che hanno difficoltà sociali a causa di una varietà di ragioni, sia individualmente che in tutto il gruppo.

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Storyboard Descrizione

Social Stories for coping skill. Use Social Stories in the classroom for direct instruction!

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  • Stefanie has a difficult time managing her anger and frustration. She can become physically aggressive towards other students. This most often happens during transitions and recess.
  • Mr. Yetz created a social story on StoryboardThat to help Stefanie learn how to better deal with her feelings. He reads the story with her each morning and practices her coping strategies with her.
  • Mr. Yetz collects data to monitor her progress. If her behavior changes or if Stefanie is able to identify a different, effective coping strategy, Mr. Yetz will alter the social story to reflect these changes.
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