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What is the Workshop?

Download a free design thinking workshop. This workshop download includes a PowerPoint, printable assets and brainstorming guides, activities to facilitate meaningful conversations, and special presenter notes to help guide you through administering the workshop. The workshop is designed to work for both small tight-knit teams and large interdepartmental organizations.

The workshop download also comes with a free month of the Storyboard That program, which allows you to keep practicing the design thinking skills you and your team will acquire. Every participant in the workshop will be entitled to a free account. The workshop can last anywhere form 2 to 4 hours depending on the path you take while running it. Download the free workshop today to start incorporating design thinking practices into your business!


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Download Free Design Thinking Workshop

How it Works

Download the Free Workshop

Download the free workshop and review the materials. Familiarize yourself with the PowerPoint and the free printable assets. Think about any questions you may have so we can fully assist you.

We Contact You for a Brief Onboarding Session

Shortly after you download the workshop, we'll reach out. We can set up a time to have a quick 10-15 minute phone call where you can tell us about your business and your goals and expectations for the workshop. We'll answer any questions you may have and set up the free Storyboard That accounts for all your workshop participants.

You Present the Workshop to Your Team

Present the workshop to your team members, run through the activities, and practice your newly acquired design thinking skills. Use your special presenter notes to help guide you through running the workshop and answer any questions your team may have. The workshop is fun, exciting, and innovative, and is designed to energize your team and inspire them to start thinking in a new way.

Use Your New Design Thinking Skills

Time to put your newly acquired skills to use! Translate the design thinking practices you showed your team into real life situations and problems pertaining to your business. Use the free Storyboard That accounts to create user personas and journey maps to better understand your user base and discover what your customers really want from you and your product.

Download Free Design Thinking Workshop

Workshop Agenda

  1. Introduce Concepts

    Introduce your workshop attendees to the basic concepts of design thinking. Don't worry - we've clearly laid them out for you and put them in a format that makes presenting and understanding easy. Some of your audience may already be familiar with these concepts, but to others it will be brand new. Regardless, refresh people on what exactly design thinking is and why it's important.

  2. Persona Building

    Next, you will run some activities to help your audience build user personas. This will involve taking a deep dive into who your users or customers really are and what characteristics define them.

  3. Journey Map Creation

    Use the personas you and your team created in the previous activity to start creating customer journey maps. Run group activities where teams will build a fictitious but realistic map around the user personas and how they might interact with your product and purchase experience.

  4. Team Activity

    This will be the key interactive activity. Depending on how the workshop has been going, this activity will involve having each group or team present their user persona and associated journey map. Then, facilitate a group discussion on how part of the user journey can be improved for streamlining efficiencies. We will provide you with lots of visual assets for this activity to help guide you through the process.

  5. Applications and Summary

    Lastly, you'll go through a summary of what new skills were acquired and how they can be applied to reaching goals specifically for your business. You'll review how to implement these practices in a day to day manner as well as how the Storyboard That program will be a useful asset in creating further design thinking resources.

Download Free Design Thinking Workshop

Is This Really Free?

YES! This is a 100% free workshop download and a 100% free 1 month trial of Storyboard That.

So why are we doing this? We'll be honest: we want to work to improve our workshop and our design thinking program to be the best possible product it can be. The way we do this is by incorporating design thinking into our own product development process and listening to real user feedback. The quickest way for us to get feedback is to offer our product for free and see how you guys like it! We do plan on charging for this service one day, but for now you're lucky enough to get it for free and we're lucky enough to get your feedback. It's a win-win.


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Download Free Design Thinking Workshop

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