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Introduction to Democracy Lesson Plans

Throughout the history of mankind, few inventions have shaped and impacted the world as much as the concept of democracy. What does democracy mean? The word itself comes from its Greek roots of "popular government", from demos, "common people", and kratos, "rule". These activities will allow students to reflect on the significance of a democracy and appreciate the role that they can play in it.

Student Activities for Democracy

Essential Questions for Introduction to Democracy

  1. What is the role of government in a democracy?
  2. What are the basic principles of a democratic government?
  3. What is the role of a citizen in a democratic government?
  4. How can I improve the community that I live in?

A Note About Democracy

Democratic thought and the implementation of it into our modern world has resulted in a process of debate, collaboration, compromise, but most of all, freedom. Democracies allow each citizen to voice their viewpoints and opinions to society, although this freedom does come with some consequences. In a democracy, debates and political disagreements can lead to conflict and without the proper safeguards in place, societies can implode from within.

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