Introduction to Geometry Lesson Plans

In the early grades, students start recognizing, naming, and drawing shapes. As students become more advanced, geometry becomes more complicated. Part of this includes understanding the properties and characteristics of shapes and their relation to one another. The following activities aim to help students master these concepts and prepare them for future geometry lessons.

Student Activities for Introduction to Geometry

Geometry Background

Geometry is a chance for visual and spatial reasoning skills to develop or flourish. Shifting a shape to a different orientation may give some students the ability to finally see that acute angle or tell if those two sides are really the same length. One benefit to using Storyboard That is that students are able to rotate objects. The rotating tool is great for precise movement, or use the flip or rotate 90 degree buttons to get a quick new look at the same shape.

In the Triangle Chart below, it is clear that the shapes stay the same even if they are turned around. Students may turn their papers or notebooks around at any time if they need to get a different view of a shape or angle.

Beginning geometers sometimes struggle making their pencils follow their thoughts. A point of frustration is not being able to create the shape they are trying to make because of lack of practice or difficulties with motor control. While learning how to draw shapes, and also as a way to help students recognize the shapes without having to take out a ruler and a protractor, students can easily drag and drop what they need right in the storyboard creator to show example and demonstrate their understanding.

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