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Governments have taken many forms throughout history. The type of government, along with the people running the government, has had an enormous impact on the way countries and culture develop. There are many different governments around the world even now, which can often lead to points of contention between countries. It is important for students to understand the differences between governments and how they function to create a foundation for future units in history and social studies!

Student Activities for Intro to Government - Social Studies

Essential Questions for Introduction to Government

  1. What is "government"?
  2. What are the forms of government throughout the world?
  3. What is federalism?
  4. What is the structure of American government?
  5. What forms of government give citizens the most power?

Brief Overview of Government

Government is an important aspect of any society and at the very basic level, they exist to ensure order. There are numerous forms of government and the differences between them impact the citizens in their own society as well as neighboring ones.

The rise and fall of many governments has been because individuals or groups desired a change. Monarchy rose and fell because people wanted a change and took it upon themselves to make that change. By learning about the different types of governments, students can come to understand how the current American government and foreign governments function, as well as have a solid foundation to understanding future changes and global relationships.

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