Activity Overview

It's beneficial for students to take a focused look at key questions when learning about more complex topics, such as the composition and responsibilities of the Judicial Branch. in this activity, students will create a spider map that represents the 5 Ws of the Judicial Branch. For each W, students will ask and answer a central question. Using the cell space, students will create a visual representation to accompany their responses. This can be used as an introductory activity or as a summative assignment at the end of the unit.

Here are some examples of possible questions:

  • Who is a member of the Judicial Branch?
  • What is the purpose of the Judicial Branch?
  • When was the Judicial Branch created?
  • Where is the Judicial Branch located?
  • Why do we have a Judicial Branch?
  • Who is in charge of the Judicial Branch?
  • What does the Judicial Branch do?
  • What types of jobs are part of the Judicial Branch?

Template and Class Instructions

(These instructions are completely customizable. After clicking "Use This Assignment With My Students", update the instructions on the Edit Tab of the assignment.)

Student Instructions

Create a 5W analysis of the Judicial Branch: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

  1. Click "Start Assignment".
  2. In the title box for each cell, type Who, What, When, Where and Why.
  3. In the descriptions, answer the question.
  4. Create an image for each cell with appropriate scenes, characters, and items.
  5. Save and submit your storyboard.

Lesson Plan Reference

Grade Level 6-12

Difficulty Level 2 (Reinforcing / Developing)

Type of Assignment Individual, Partner, or Group

Type of Activity: 5 Ws of Social Studies and History

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