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Michigan, known as the Great Lakes State, boasts diverse landscapes from expansive forests to vibrant urban centers like Detroit. Its rich automotive heritage and renowned universities contribute to its cultural and economic significance in the United States. A state research project is the perfect summative activity for any U.S. Region, Geography class, or general research unit of study. Students will love learning about state landmarks, mottos, fun facts, history, and so much more! Research is an important skill for children to learn at a young age; it exposes students to expository text, gives them practice determining important information, and enhances note taking and presentation skills. Students will enjoy learning all about Michigan, and why it is such a wonderful place to live and visit.

Student Activities for Michigan State Guide

Essential Questions for Michigan

  1. What are some significant events in the history of Michigan?
  2. What are some facts and features that make Michigan unique?
  3. What are some interesting places in Michigan that people would want to visit?

All About Michigan

Date of Statehood: January 26, 1837

State Motto: "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you"

State Nickname: Great Lakes State

State Bird: Robin

State Tree: Eastern White Pine

State Flower: Apple Blossom

Tourist Attractions: Mackinac Island, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Detroit Institute of Arts

Famous Citizens of Michigan: Henry Ford, Aretha Franklin, Gerald Ford, Stevie Wonder, Thomas Edison

Capital City: Lansing

Major Cities: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor

Brief History of Michigan

Michigan’s history begins with its indigenous peoples, the Anishinaabe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi tribes, who first inhabited the land. European explorers, primarily French, arrived in the early 17th century, establishing fur trading posts along the Great Lakes. In 1701, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founded Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit, marking the beginning of European settlement in what would become Detroit, Michigan's largest city and a pivotal point in its colonial history.

Throughout the 19th century, Michigan's development accelerated with the arrival of immigrants attracted by its burgeoning industries, particularly lumber and mining. By 1837, Michigan was admitted as the 26th state of the Union, and the state's strategic location between the Great Lakes fostered rapid industrialization, especially in automotive manufacturing. Specifically, Henry Ford's introduction of the assembly line in Detroit revolutionized the industry and cemented Michigan's reputation as the "Automobile Capital of the World."

Michigan's cultural and social landscape also flourished during this period. The University of Michigan, founded in 1817, became a cornerstone of higher education, while Detroit emerged as a hub of African-American culture during the Great Migration. However, the state faced challenges, such as economic downturns and racial tensions, particularly highlighted during the civil rights movement.

Today, Michigan is known for its diverse economy, encompassing manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and technology. The state's natural beauty, including its expansive forests, the Great Lakes, and picturesque dunes, attracts millions of visitors annually, and continues to evolve while honoring its storied past as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in the American Midwest.

Students will create a historical timeline, a postcard, a spider map, and a fun facts storyboard showing what they have learned about Michigan. Creating these visuals gives the students the opportunity to show their creativity and their unique view of the state that they have researched. In addition, the combined use of words and illustrations allows students with different learning styles to show what they know in an exciting and eye-catching way.

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