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Activity Overview

Movie posters are a fun way for students to boil down the most important aspects of a novel. After reading Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky, students will create a movie poster that showcases the setting, characters and a chosen scene or overarching themes of the story. Students can include the title and author of the book, a catchy tagline, and a "critic's review" informing the audience why they should go to see the movie and briefly describing the compelling story.

To make this a class assignment, consider giving each student a different chapter or scene to focus on. When students complete their posters, they can be printed out and hung in the classroom. Students should be prepared to present on the choices they made during the creation process.

For additional templates to add to this assignment, check out our movie poster templates!

Template and Class Instructions

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Due Date:

Objective: Create a "Movie Poster" for the book Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky.

Student Instructions:

  1. Identify scenes, characters, items and, animals appropriate to Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky and arrange them artfully on the poster. You may choose to showcase a particular scene in the book or an overarching theme.
  2. Add the title and author of the book as well as a catchy slogan or tagline.
  3. Add a "critic's review": one to three sentences describing why the audience should see this movie and what is compelling about the story.

Lesson Plan Reference

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(You can also create your own on Quick Rubric.)

Movie Poster
Pretend that your book is being made into a blockbuster movie! Create a Movie Poster that showcases the setting, character and a chosen scene or overarching theme of the story. Include the title and author of the book as well as a catchy slogan and a "critic's review" informing the audience why they should go to see the movie and briefly describing the story.
Proficient Emerging Beginning
Includes Title, Author, catchy slogan and a 1-3 sentence critic's review that accurately describes the story and why people should go to see the movie.
Missing one element of text.
Missing two or more elements of text.
Illustrations depict a scene or theme of the story with clear visuals including an appropriate scene, character, items, etc.
Illustrations depict a scene or theme from the story but are unclear or incomplete.
Illustrations do not depict a scene or theme from the story.

How To Help Students Analyze Movie Posters and Take Inspiration to Create Their Own Movie Poster for “Tristan Strong”


Share Some Movie Posters

Teachers can select a few movie posters of common films that most of the students would be already familiar with and then showcase these posters in class using multimedia. Guide the students to analyze these posters of some highly rated movies to understand what aspects the audience likes the most and how they can make the posters more accurate in relation to the story.


Analyze Visuals and Text

Ask the students to analyze the sort of imagery and visuals that are present on the posters to determine what kind of meaning will be portrayed about the narrative to the audience. Students can then try to examine the emotional impact created by the poster and the actual impact of the narrative on the audience and see what kind of posters receive better responses.


Examine Layout and Composition

Examine the posters' general design and arrangement. Talk about the character placement, the use of negative space, and the way the elements are arranged to direct the viewer's attention. Think about how the written and visual components are balanced.


Determine Important Themes and Symbolism

Talk about the themes shown in "Tristan Strong." Determine which particular images and symbols best capture the main ideas of the narrative. Characters, locales, or recognizable objects that connect with the story could be examples of this. Students can compare the themes of Tristan Strong with themes of other narratives and then try to analyze how different themes can be portrayed on movie posters.


Brainstorm and Create

Next, have students come up with concepts for their own "Tristan Strong" movie poster during a brainstorming session. Urge them to think about the settings, characters, and topics they would like to emphasize. Encourage the students to apply the insights they gained from analyzing other movie posters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Creating a Movie Poster for “Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky”

What are some common elements of a movie poster that students can include in their own posters?

The movie poster for "Tristan Strong" can incorporate essential components like the book's captivating imagery, the title displayed clearly, catchphrases or taglines, pertinent credits, and maybe famous symbols that symbolize the themes of the novel. To make the poster more interesting, students can include character designs and a comparison between the real world and the fictional world.

Are there any particular symbols from the story that students can include in their posters to capture the essence of the plot?

Of course, students can use any emblematic features or special symbols that have meaning in the book on the poster. This could be a mystical being, a mythological relic, or anything that speaks to the ideas of the narrative.

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