Activity Overview

Understanding history also means understanding the terminology around it. In this activity, students will display their understanding of key terms relating to voting rights and the election. Students will create a spider map that defines and illustrates new vocabulary. Students should be encouraged to choose terms they're unfamiliar with from a word bank.

For an extension activity, teachers can display just the visualization to their class or on a separate worksheet and have students guess which term it is. Students would be able to show off their creativity to their peers while being engaged in a challenging review activity to reinforce the main concepts from this unit.

Example Vocabulary for Voting Rights

  • Founders
  • Framers
  • Constitution
  • Constitutional Government
  • Supremacy Clause
  • Amendment
  • Ratify (Ratified, Ratification)
  • 13th Amendment
  • 14th Amendment
  • 15th Amendment
  • Poll Tax
  • Literacy Test
  • Grandfather Clause
  • Voter Suppression
  • 19th Amendment
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Voting Rights Act
  • 24th Amendment
  • 26th Amendment
  • Polling Booth
  • Ballot
  • Absentee Ballot
  • Mail-in Ballot
  • Voter Fraud

Template and Class Instructions

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Due Date:

Objective: Create a spider map that defines key terms for voting and the election process.

Student Instructions:

  1. In the title box, type in the term.
  2. In the description box, type the definition as it relates to voting.
  3. Create an illustration using appropriate scenes, items, and characters.


Lesson Plan Reference


(You can also create your own on Quick Rubric.)

Visual Vocabulary Assignment
Define, illustrate, and give an example sentence for any five vocabulary words.
Proficient Emerging Beginning
The definition is correct.
The definition is partially correct.
The definition is incorrect.
The storyboard cells clearly illustrate the meaning of the vocabulary words.
The storyboard cells relate to the meaning of the vocabulary words, but are difficult to understand.
The storyboard cells do not clearly relate to the meaning of the vocabulary words.

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