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Online Comic Maker

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Comics in Education

Create comics with Storyboard That in your Classroom

Encourage reluctant readers or reluctant writers to get more involved in their schoolwork by making a comic strip online!

Comics in Business

Create comics with Storyboard That in your Business!!!

Boost morale and get the point across with some fun relief. Creating your own custom comic strip can strengthen collaboration!

Comics in Life

Create comics for fun!

Using our comic book maker online, you can create a comic book, graphic novel, or comic strip for a blog, social media, or printing!

What is a Comic Strip?

A comic strip is a sequential art form that tells a story through a series of illustrated panels. It typically combines images and text to convey narratives, humor, or messages in a visually engaging format. The panels are arranged in a specific order to guide readers through the storyline, and dialogue or captions are used to provide additional context or convey character thoughts and emotions.

They are often published in newspapers, magazines, and online platforms, providing entertainment and commentary on a wide range of subjects. Comic strips offer a unique and creative way to engage readers, express ideas, and explore storytelling through the power of visuals and words.

Comics tell stories through sequential artwork
Comics provide a powerful way to learn and teach

Comics in Education!

With a comic creator online, students create their own masterpiece to show they understand a process or concept:

  • Reinforce reading comprehension
  • Enhance understanding of complex literary topics like conflict and irony
  • Address differentiated learning types
  • Develop creative writing skills
  • Reinforce understanding through the retelling of a historical event

Find more examples of why Comics are Great in education!

Learn more about our education edition and start your Free Trial.

For Your Business or Team!

Work doesn't have to be a stressful place. Humor can help boost morale and get the point across.

  • Fun in difficult situations
  • Work environment process with pictures
  • Motivational pictures to drive innovation
  • PSA or positive thoughts for your employees to enjoy
  • Workplace safety, health, and injury prevention comics

Strengthen collaboration by having your team create something together. Find more great examples why Comics are Great for your company!

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Bring the power of comics to your team
Create amazing comics for personal projects and blogs

Comics for Personal Use

We love posting and sending funny things to our friends and to the world. Making your own masterpiece is easy and fun with comic strip generator like Storyboard That. Try it today for:

  • Your Blog
  • Your Website
  • Presentations
  • Social Networking Sites
  • So much more!

Start Creating today!

Why Do People Like to Use
Storyboard That to Create Comics?

Our comic strip creator is not only a fun and engaging tool, but it also offers great educational value. Teachers can use it to enhance their lessons and make learning more interactive. With our platform, students can express their ideas, showcase their understanding of a subject, or even become a comic character creator for a class project. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you're creating for entertainment, education, or personal expression, our free comic maker for kids provides you with the freedom to bring your ideas to life. So, don't wait any longer. Get started with our comic creator free and unlock a world of creativity today!

Creating captivating and impressive projects is a breeze with our comic book maker. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, Storyboard That will help you unleash your creativity and make something amazing.

Love Comics? Comic Book Creator

Everyone loves comics!

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of comic strips? Our creator is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life. Whether you're a student looking to create something educational, or you are a budding artist wanting to explore the art of storytelling, our free comic strip maker for students and adults is here to help you every step of the way.

With our user-friendly interface and a wide range of templates, you can easily create your own masterpiece in just a few clicks. Let your imagination run wild as you design captivating characters, craft compelling dialogue, and set the stage for your unique stories.

Comics are Great For

Some of Our Favorite Reasons to Create Comics

Education Comics

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Social Studies
  • Character Education
  • Retell a Historical Event
  • Explain a Process/Concept in STEM (and beyond)
  • Artistic Expression
  • Creative Writing
  • Literary Satire
  • Learning About Your Family Tree
  • Sequence of Events
  • PSAs
  • Classroom Decorations

Business Comics

  • Non-threatening PSA
  • Ice-breaker
  • Presentation Starter/Finisher
  • Addressing HR Issues
  • Team Building Activity
  • Explaining a Process
  • Commercial or Ad Creation
  • Addressing Company Cultural Issues
  • Newsletters
  • Safety Cartoon Comic
  • Instructions for Your Customers
Image what you can do with the power of comics

Storyboard That Comic Book Templates

Example of Template of Creating a comic with Storyboard That
Example of Template of Creating a comic with Storyboard That
Example of Template of Creating a comic with Storyboard That

With our comic character maker and builder, and other powerful features, you have all the tools you need to create your own masterpiece. Unleash your imagination, experiment with different styles and techniques, and have fun expressing your creativity through art. Start creating amazing projects today with our comic strip maker and let your storytelling skills shine!

Take your skills to the next level by exploring other exciting features on our website. Our storyboard maker allows you to visually plan and organize your story ideas, while our book maker enables you to bring your ideas to life in a professionally designed book format. Dive into the world of storytelling with Storyboard That and unleash your creativity like never before.

How to make a comic strip

How To Make a Comic Strip


Click on the “Create a Storyboard” Button

This will bring you to our state of the art, easy to use comic maker.


Give Your Masterpiece a Name

Be sure to call your project something specific so that you can easily find it in the future.


Choose a Layout

Use the comic generator to choose a layout. To do this, click on the “layout” button in the right hand menu. This is where you can add and delete cells, and add titles and descriptions if you would like.


Add Scenes

Find the perfect scenes for the setting; all of our scenes are customizable! Simply drag the scene into the cell, and edit as you wish. Look for the "Edit Scene" button on the menu!


Add Characters and Items

Find and customize characters. We have TONS to choose from! Use our filter to help narrow your search. Next, choose from our thousands of items. Check out the "items" category, or search for anything in the search bar.


Add Dialogue

Add dialogue and thought bubbles by clicking on the “speech bubbles” categories. We have all kinds of styles to choose from.


Add Additional Text

Did you include a title and/or description box in your layout? Add your text in the boxes to make your comic even more exciting and unique!


Click "Save and Exit"

When you are finished with your work, click the button in the lower right hand corner to exit. From here you can print, download it as a PDF, share it digitally, and more. Well done!

Frequently Asked Questions about The Comic Maker

Why make comic strips?

They are a fun and engaging way for students to show what they know, and they are excellent visual tools. Our comic strip maker for students allows students to use characters, images, scenes, and speech bubbles to tell a story. When they create art rather than typing or writing out a summary or essay, students hardly feel like they are working!

Can I make a comic book online?

Yes, you can! Storyboard That makes it simple to create comic strips and make your own comic book! Check out our images, scenes, characters, and so much more today!

What is a graphic novel maker?

A graphic novel is often synonymous with a comic strip or book. Our comic maker online makes it simple to create either from scratch! Check out our graphic novel templates and comic strip templates to help you get started!