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A Wrinkle in Time Plot Diagram
Värskendatud: 3/27/2019
A Wrinkle in Time Plot Diagram
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Autor Emily Swartz

Pole saladus, et käsikirjade on väga kasulik vahend visuaalse kommunikatsiooni. Aga mida sa ei pruugi teada, kui palju kasulikum käsikirjade on kui raku suurus kasvas 16x9. Kuigi 16x9 on tööstuse standard filmi tegemisel aastaid, meie arvates on ka suurepärane paigutus õpetajatele!

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Süžeeskeem Kirjeldus

A Wrinkle in Time Summary & Plot Diagram activity - Have students complete a visual plot diagram for A Wrinkle in Time!

Süžeeskeem Tekst

  • High schooler Meg Murry is a social misfit who lives with her mother, twin brothers Sandy and Dennys, and precocious four-year-old brother Charles Wallace. Although she has a high IQ, Meg gets poor grades at school, fights with the other students, and is frequently in trouble.
  • Mr. Murry has been missing for months, following an attempt to tesser, by traveling through a wrinkle in the space-time continuum.
  • ?
  • Three creatures, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs, Which, take Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin to several different planets by tessering. They show the children the evil force threatening Earth and bring them to the planet Camazotz, where the Dark Thing has imprisoned Mr. Murry.
  • Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin find Mr. Murry who is trapped by the Dark Thing, represented on this planet by IT. Meg manages to free her father, but loses Charles Wallace to the power of IT.
  • Meg returns to Camazotz alone and uses her love for Charles Wallace to break his connection with IT.
  • I love you, Charles!
  • Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace tesser safely home to Earth with their father.
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