Elementaarne Lugu Visandamiseks Aukudele

Värskendatud: 2/27/2019
Elementaarne Lugu Visandamiseks Aukudele

Süžeeskeem Kirjeldus

Elementaarse joonise skeem (joonise joonis) - augud

Süžeeskeem Tekst

  • I have such horrible luck, all because of that good-for-nothing pig stealer...
  • "You're going to give that to me!"
  • Stanley believes his family is cursed because of his great- great grandfather's failure to fulfill a promise to Madame Zeroni.
  • Look at all these onions!
  • Stanley is accused of stealing a pair of shoes and is sent to a boys detention camp.
  • At the camp, the boys are made to dig holes all day. Stanley makes a friend named Zero, and he finds a lipstick container.
  • The curse of this family is lifted when he carries Zero to the top of the mountain.
  • The boys spend a week away from the camp, eating onions, before the decide to go back and look for the treasure.
  • Hey, I think this is it!
  • With the curse lifted, the two boys’ luck turns around; they find the treasure, get out of the camp, Stanley’s dad invents a foot odor eliminator, Zero finds his mom, the camp is shut down and everything is just perfect!