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White Bird Graafinen Romaanijuliste

Katso Oppituntisuunnitelma
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White Bird Graafinen Romaanijuliste
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Graafinen Romaaniesimerkkituntisuunnitelmat

Graafisia Romaaneja Luokkahuoneessa

Kirjailija: Anna Warfield ja Liane Hicks

Se ei ole sarjakuvalehti, se on animaatio! Auta opiskelijat alkavat aivan oman animaatio tai kääntää mitä luet osaksi animaatio versio!

RJ Palacio White Bird

RJ Palacion valkoinen lintu

Kirjailija: Liane Hicks

White Bird on tarina Sara Blumista, juutalaisesta tytöstä, joka piiloutui selviytyäkseen natsien miehittämässä Ranskassa toisen maailmansodan aikana. Hän on myös Julian Albansin isoäiti Grandmère, Auggie Pullmanin kiduttaja Wonder- ja Auggie & Me -elokuvissa .

Valkoinen Lintu

Kuvakäsikirjoitus Teksti

  • Sara had an idyllic childhood with her loving parents. They enjoyed picnics where Sara's father would swing her in the air so she could Fly high like a bird. Everything changed when the Nazis invaded France in 1940. All the Jewish children in Sara's school were captured except Sara.
  • White Bird by R.J. Palacio
  • White Bird tells the story of Sara Blum, the grandmother of Julian, the famous bully from the book Wonder. Julian asks his Grandmère Sara to tell him about her life as a young Jewish girl during WWII in Nazi occupied France.
  • Tourteau (Julien) helped Sara escape and hid her in his barn. Julien and his parents cared for Sara, but were always in fear of the Nazis. Julien and Sara became best friends, playing games and confiding in one another; their feelings blossomed to love.
  • Sara's hiding place was discovered by Vincent, a classmate turned Nazi. He tried to shoot Sara in the barn, but she escaped to the nearby woods. By chance, a wolf attacked Vincent and she fled!
  • I will never let them forget. I will shine my light ... for you.
  • Remember Julian, you carry the name of the kindest person I have ever known.
  • Evil is only stopped when good people come together to put an end to it.
  • More than 6 million Jews were murdered along with 10 million Russians, Poles, Serbs, Romani, disabled, LGBTQ, and others under the Nazi regime. Julian promises he will help ensure that no one ever forgets and history does not repeat itself.
  • Sara realized that Vincent must have also led the Nazis to capture Julien. She and Julien's parents tried in vain to rescue him but they were too late. The Nazis murdered Julien and many others for being disabled in what was called the Massacre of the Mernuit Forest in May 1944.
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