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What is a Storyboard in Film?

How storyboards are used to create films

Visual storytelling is a vital component in the world of filmmaking, and storyboarding plays a crucial role in translating creative visions onto the screen. They are powerful visual tools that bring storytelling to life, helping filmmakers, animators, and artists transform their creative vision into a tangible blueprint. Whether you're working on a featured film, an animated masterpiece, or a captivating short project, storyboarding serves as a crucial step in the pre production part of the filmmaking process.

When exploring how to make the perfect storyboard for movies or for a short piece, utilizing a dedicated template created by a film storyboard creator can greatly facilitate the process. However, in today's digital age, creators have the advantage of utilizing platforms that provide a diverse selection of storyboard for film templates, elevating the entire process to new heights. These platforms offer a wide range of features and tools that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of visual storytelling.

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One Amazing Storyboard Creator

Multiple Editions for Your Storyboard Creation Needs

With the advancement of technology and animation, storyboard video makers and creators have become indispensable tools in the industry. These tools, such as the short film storyboard template, offer filmmakers a convenient and efficient means of transforming their concepts into compelling visual representations. Whether it's a short storyboard or a feature-length production, having access to a film storyboard creator or a movie storyboard maker empowers filmmakers to shape captivating narratives with meticulous attention to detail.

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Why Do People Like to Use Storyboard That to Create Storyboards for Films, Videos, and Movies?

By incorporating a well-designed storyboard template for film within such platforms, filmmakers gain access to a structured framework that streamlines the planning and communication of their creative vision. These platforms offer intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop functionality, and pre-designed assets, making it easier to bring scene ideas to life digitally. Collaboration features foster seamless communication and feedback, ensuring a unified understanding and cohesive execution of the film's vision. Integrating a creative platform expedites workflow, enhances quality and precision, and enables anyone to unleash their creativity and achieve visually captivating animation, movies, and short projects.

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Film Storyboard Template for Your Indie Film or YouTube Video

Let's explore how to build a storyboard for your own indie film or YouTube video!

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Developing Your Concept:

Start by outlining your concept, a scene, plot, characters, and overall script and narrative structure. Determine the key scenes and moments that need to be captured in the cells in order to achieve the desired final product.

Sketching and Visualizing:

Use sketches of stick figures, simple shapes, or detailed images to make your storyboard frames. Focus on capturing the essential actions, angles, and character movements that drive the story forward.

Adding Details and Annotations:

Gradually refine your frames by adding more details, such as facial expressions, dialogue, camera movements, and sound effects. Annotations can help convey important instructions or notes to the production team.

Perfecting Your Storyboard:

Continuously review and refine your work to ensure it aligns with your vision. Seek feedback from others to enhance the impact and effectiveness of your visuals.

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Understand Camera Movement:

Consider the camera angles, perspectives, and movements that best capture the emotions and intensity of each scene. Experiment with various shots to create dynamic visuals that immerse your audience in the story.

Sound Effects and Music:

Explore how sound effects and music can enhance the impact of your visuals. Consider the timing and synchronization of audio elements with specific storyboard frames to make a more immersive experience.

Opening Sequence:

Pay special attention to crafting a captivating opening sequence. Use your storyboard to set the tone, establish the narrative, and engage the audience from the first frame.

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Storyboard Examples

Movie Storyboard Templates

Use Storyboard That to quickly made storyboards for your next movie

A movie template serves as a blueprint for capturing the essence of a story, outlining its sequences and shots. Utilize pre-designed movie templates to jumpstart your creative process. The available templates provide a structured framework to organize your shots, frame compositions, and key scenes, allowing you to focus on crafting captivating visuals.

Video Storyboard Templates

Use Storyboard That to create Storyboards for Videos

Similarly to movie storyboards, a video template enables filmmakers to visualize their ideas before the cameras start rolling. For video production projects, video storyboard templates offer a specialized format to plan and sequence your shots, transitions, and visual effects. These templates assist in visualizing the flow and pacing of your project.

Storyboard Video Maker Tools

Storyboard That is an easy to use tool to create film storyboards

Explore our video maker tools that provide a user-friendly interface and a range of features to bring your storyboard to life. These tools often offer drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to easily arrange scenes, add annotations, and incorporate sound effects for a more immersive experience.

By utilizing a storyboard maker for film, creators can meticulously plan each scene, experiment with various shot compositions, and ensure a seamless and engaging storytelling experience. For those seeking guidance on how to make a storyboard, leveraging a template specifically tailored to this industry can prove immensely beneficial. These templates provide a structured framework for organizing ideas and effectively conveying them to the production team. Ultimately, the art of visual storytelling through storyboarding offers users a powerful tool to unlock their creativity and guide the process with clarity, precision, and impactful storytelling.

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How to Make a Storyboard for Your Film


Click on the “Create a Storyboard Button”

This will take you to our state of the art storyboard creator.


Give Your Storyboard a Name

Be sure to call it something related to the topic so that you can easily find it in the future.


Choose a Layout

Click on the “layout” button at the top of the right hand menu. A screen pop up that shows you all of the layout choices that Storyboard That has to offer. From here you can choose how many cells you would like, as well as if you would like a header and/or a description box for each cell.


Begin Creating Your Masterpiece!

With our extensive art library and text features, the options are endless when it comes to creativity for your marketing video. Need some guidance or tips? Check out our Creating Great Storyboards article today!


Click "Save and Exit"

When you are finished with your storyboard, click this button in the lower right hand corner to exit. It’s time to share your storyboard with your colleagues and customers!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Making a Film with Storyboards

Why are storyboards important in filmmaking?

Whether it's a feature film or animation, storyboarding helps to plan and visualize each scene and shot before they are actually filmed. They allow the director and other members of the team to discuss and refine their ideas, and ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the creative vision and technical requirements of the final product.

What elements should be included in a storyboard?

A storyboard should include the main action, dialogue, camera angles, lighting, sound effects, and any other relevant details that help to convey the mood and tone of the scene.

Can changes be made to the storyboard during filming?

Yes, changes can be made to any scene during filming if necessary. However, it is important to keep any changes consistent with the overall vision and story.

How important is the storyboard in the filmmaking process?

It is critical element of the filmmaking process, as it helps to ensure that the director and production team have a clear understanding of the creative vision and technical requirements. A well-executed storyboard can save time and resources during filming, and can also help to avoid mistakes and confusion that may arise.