Student View of Digital Worksheet

Just as traditional worksheets help students practice and internalize new skills, Digital Worksheets allow students to explore a variety of concepts and ideas in a way that engages their love of technology, while cutting down on paper and reducing prep work for teachers!

Student Activities for Digital Worksheets

Interactive digital worksheets in Storyboard That allow students to utilize the vast art library in the Creator to inspire their creativity, and motivate students to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. Teachers are able to see their students' digital worksheets updating in real time from their teacher dashboard, allowing teachers to intervene quickly and effectively to provide positive feedback and correction.

How to Use Digital Worksheets on Storyboard That

The activities showcase a variety of ways to utilize digital worksheets in each of the major subject areas: Plot Diagrams for ELA, Fractions in Math, Scientific Observations in STEM, Maps in Social Studies, SMART Goals for Health Class or Social Emotional Learning, and Biography Graphic Organizers which apply to multiple subjects. However, the sky's the limit! You can use digital worksheets in Storyboard That for just about any academic topic!

These activities can be used "as is" or modified to meet the needs of your students. Teachers can also add as many templates as they wish to assignments. View Worksheet Template Gallery or create your own! Adding multiple templates for an assignment allows teachers to differentiate for students of varying abilities and interests. To use one of the activities below, simply click "copy activity" and it will be brought into your teacher dashboard for you to assign it to your class and make any modifications necessary.

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