Spanish Restaurant Vocabulary Lesson Plans

Restaurant and food vocabulary is often one of the first large vocabulary lessons a new Spanish student encounters when they're studying. By mastering this vocabulary and set of expressions, students will be taking a significant step towards feeling self-sufficient in Spanish-speaking environments. Learning to navigate restaurants and menus also helps students learn about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries through food. The following activities aim to help students practice new vocabulary and create dialogues.

Student Activities for Food and Restaurant Vocabulary

As with any language study, it's important for students to practice speaking and pronunciation. Once students have completed the activities in this lesson plan, they can present them to the class, performing the dialogues they've created with their classmates! Make use of the slide show function on each storyboard so students can read the text while it's being spoken.

Other Activity Ideas for Food and Restaurant Vocabulary

  1. Have students create a menu for a Spanish restaurant.
  2. Create travel posters that talk about the different types of food in that Spanish-speaking region.

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