French Adjective Lesson Plans

As your French students work to incorporate adjectives into their vocabulary, they must also master a number of rules regarding placement and agreement. At times, students can feel overwhelmed by the many new rules and spelling changes. While a certain amount of memorization is necessary for mastery of a new language, actively practicing and engaging with new concepts can help strengthen a student's understanding. The following activities aim to help students master using adjectives in French through creative projects.

Student Activities for Using Adjectives in French

Essential Questions for Using Adjectives in French

  1. When does the spelling of French adjectives change based on number and gender?
  2. How do you use possessive adjectives in French?
  3. How do you ask questions in French using interrogative adjectives?
  4. How are adjective comparisons constructed in French?

Each of the activities in this lesson plan address a different set of essential adjective rules. Naturally, each lesson also assumes certain knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Adapt each assignment in complexity as you see fit based on the level and needs of your particular students. Templates make it easy to provide students with scaffolding or a basic structure from which they can build upon.

As with all language assignments, oral practice is essential. Make use of each storyboard’s slideshow feature to allow students to present their projects to the class, reinforcing their oral language skills.

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