French Adverb Lesson Plans

Proper use of adverbs will greatly enrich your students’ French. Not only are adverbs essential for expressing negative ideas, but they also add detail and precision to sentences. As students learn to make adverbs a regular part of their writing and speaking, consider using storyboards to supplement their practice. The following activities will help students see the way adverbs enrich conversation by bringing sentences to life.

Student Activities for French Adverbs

Each of the activities in this lesson plan address a different set of essential adverb rules. Naturally, each lesson also assumes certain knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Adapt each assignment in complexity as you see fit based on the level and needs of your particular students. Each activity can also be completed in conjunction with any of the other French projects available on Storyboard That. Visual projects encourage personal engagement with the content and provide opportunities for the collaborative group work some students may need to master difficult concepts.

As with all language assignments, oral practice is essential. Make use of each storyboard’s slideshow feature to allow students to present their projects to the class, reinforcing their oral language skills.

Essential Questions for Using Adverbs in French

  1. How do you express the adverb “not” in French?
  2. How do you express other negative ideas in French?
  3. How do French adjectives convert into adverbs?
  4. How are adjective comparisons constructed in French?

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