High School Projects

Projects are a necessary component to any class, and can take many forms, from presentations to posters! Students will enjoy the variety of projects they can create using Storyboard That. Using templates and their imaginations, students will be able to display their research and knowledge in a visual way. These ideas and resources will help spark inspiration and templates make great starting points to give students a head start. Be prepared to be wow-ed by your students!

Student Activities for High School Projects

Go Beyond the Test: Assessments Reimagined

Storyboard That is a powerful tool that allows students of all ages and skill levels to create amazing visuals for learning and communicating. Foster your students’ creativity and critical thinking skills by going beyond rote memorization for tests and have them storyboard instead! These project ideas provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and analysis on any subject all while engaging their imagination.

Cut down on prep time by using our pre-made projects which include a completed example, a blank template, basic directions and a rubric! Everything about our projects can be customized and edited to fit the needs of your students, your subject matter and your objectives. By being able to add multiple templates, teachers can differentiate projects to give students a personalized learning experience.

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