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French Dialogue Lesson Plans

Introducing students to their first functional vocabulary and conversational French usually requires demonstration through dialogue. Students may read dialogue scenarios in a textbook, listen to sound clips, or view a brief film to first learn how francophones exchange greetings and move through daily life. Once students have been presented with the appropriate vocabulary, the following activities are a great way for students to practice writing sentences they can then practice reading aloud.

Student Activities for Introductory French Dialogues

Ideas for French Dialogues

Each of the dialogue activities included in this lesson plan use characters and speech bubbles to convey a conversation between people. The scenarios provided are suitable for beginning French students in their first few weeks of language instruction. The dialogues include exchanging greetings, ordering food, describing people, and talking about school. Another way for students to practice some of the same essential vocabulary, however, is to include narration in a text box below each image. This can be in addition to or in place of the dialogue. When depicting students on a school bus, for example, students can describe the characters’ names, personalities, and interests as a third-person narrator.

Students might also enjoy being creative with their characters. Perhaps the dialogues could be between animals or their favorite movie characters. The storyboard characters can even be adapted to look like their friends, classmates, and teachers. Small adaptations such as these may increase student engagement. Adjust the assignment directions and rubrics as necessary to account for your teaching preferences.

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