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The designing of a kite for a kite flyer is incredibly significant: the kite flyer may spend days working on his kite, ensuring that it is both structurally sound and visually beautiful or intimidating. Throughout the novel, students may find themselves connecting with some of the key themes and characters. This is an opportunity for the students to create a visual element that connects the novel to their own lives. Students can design their kite and panels in a storyboard using our Storyboard Creator. The assignment is as follows:

Design your own kite to show a challenge that you’ve overcome in your life, and the people who have helped you along the way.

Panel 1: The Challenge or Problem

In the first panel, design a visual representation of a particular problem you’ve faced in your life. In the description box below, describe the situation.

Panel 2: The People Who Have Helped You

In the second panel, design and place Storyboard That characters that depict the people who helped you resolve your problem or challenge. Describe how they helped you in the description box below.

Panel 3: The Solution

Discuss how you overcame your problem or challenge, and the outcome, and depict this visually in your third panel.

Panel 4: The Lesson

Visually depict the lesson you’ve learned from this situation in the fourth panel. Describe your lesson below the panel.

Cell 5: Title Cell

Place the title of your project in the cell. Write your name in the description box below.

Cell 6: The Tail

Connect to the book. We all have problems and situations we’ve had to overcome. What advice would you give to Amir to help assuage his guilt over his betrayal of Hassan? Write it here, and create a kite tail for your kite.

Completed Example Project for The Kite Runner

Cell 1: Panel 1A problem I have faced this year is my parents’ divorce. It’s been really hard on my brothers and me, and my parents fight a lot over us.
Cell 2: Panel 2The people who have helped me a lot through this experience are my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jimmy. They let me come over when I am feeling overwhelmed, and they help me with my homework.
Cell 3: Panel 3My parents’ divorce is still ongoing, but I’ve been able to come to terms with it through counseling, and by sitting down and telling them how their fighting hurts us. My Aunt and Uncle helped me with deciding what to say to them before I sat down to talk to them about it.
Cell 4: Panel 4A lesson I’ve learned from this is to ask for help when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’ve also learned not to try to take on other people’s problems and disputes; I should focus on making sure that I am doing well in school, being captain of my soccer team, and making sure that my brothers have someone to talk to.
Cell 5: Title CellMy Kite
Cell 6: The TailSome advice I would give to Amir to help him assuage his guilt over Hassan is to remind him that he was just a kid, and his father perpetuated the unfair treatment between him and Hassan. By keeping their blood connection a secret, he let Amir believe that Hassan was just a servant, and his constant criticism of Amir did not help the situation. The fact that Amir helps Sohrab is a huge sacrifice and a brave decision. I believe Hassan would be pleased by Amir now.

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