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Activity Overview

Students decide on what are important parts in the text and categorize them into the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Having students decide on the beginning, middle, and end will help them break the text up and make it easier to choose one or two main events to create. Students can plan their ideas with a partner or individually and decide what main parts they would like to add to their storyboard.

The storyboard above shows one example for the beginning, middle and end, but you could set a number of frames for the students to use depending on the ability of the student or the length of the text.

Example My Father's Dragon Summary


Elmer Elevator befriends an alley cat who tells him of a mysterious island called Wild Island. The cat says there is a baby dragon there that is tied up and forced to carry people and cargo up and down the river. Elmer decides he will run away to Wild Island to save the dragon.


Elmer hides in a cargo ship and eventually makes it to the island. On the island he runs into many animals that block his path to the dragon. Elmer uses his supplies from his knapsack to help him get past the animals. For example, a lion has snarly hair, so Elmer gives him a comb and shows him how to brush his hair and tie it up.


To cross the river, Elmer ties the crocodiles tails together with a band and a lollipop to form a chain. He runs across, but the animals chasing him get stuck in the middle of the river on the crocodiles backs. Elmer reaches the dragon, cuts him free from his rope, and together they fly away from Wild Island.

Template and Class Instructions

(These instructions are completely customizable. After clicking "Copy Activity", update the instructions on the Edit Tab of the assignment.)

Student Instructions

Make a storyboard summary of My Father's Dragon.

  1. Make a picture that shows the beginning of the story.
  2. Make a picture that shows the middle of the story.
  3. Make a picture that shows the end of the story.
  4. Write a sentence under each picture.

Lesson Plan Reference

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(You can also create your own on Quick Rubric.)

Sequence of Events Rubric
Create a storyboard that shows a sequence of events. Below each cell, type in a description about the importance of that part of the story.
Proficient Emerging Beginning
Each of the cells represents a different part of the story. The cells are in order from beginning to end.
One cell is out of order, or the storyboard is missing important information.
Important information is missing and/or two or more cells are out of order.
Cells include images that accurately show events in the story and do not get in the way of understanding.
Most images show the events of the story, but some are incorrect.
The images are unclear or do not make sense with the story.
Descriptions match the images and show the change over time.
Descriptions do not always match the images or mention the importance of the event.
Descriptions are missing or do not match the images.
Spelling and Grammar
Spelling and grammar is mostly accurate. Mistakes do not get in the way of understanding.
Spelling is very inaccurate and hinders full understanding.
Text is very difficult to understand.

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