Activity Overview

When students are understanding how to recognize positive and negative peer pressure and decide whether or not to give in, it's helpful for them to weigh the risks and benefits of a scenario before it even happens. This worksheet asks students to consider a future scenario that could happen. If they have trouble coming up with scenarios, you can provide them with examples.

By completing this worksheet, students will be able to dig deeper into some of the storyboarding activities they've already done and build their internal toolbox. Assessing the risks and benefits of peer pressure is essential to understanding whether it's positive or negative, and makes students think about the consequences of their choices before they're made. Like any decision, it's important to know both the good and the bad.

Clicking "Use This Assignment" will copy the worksheet into your teacher account. While you can choose to assign this to students on Storyboard That, the worksheet is made to be printed out! Feel free to edit any of it as desired to ask additional questions or provide different instructions. Once you've finished, save and print!

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