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Activity Includes: intermediate to advanced vocabulary, past participle

This last category of the preterite includes verbs that end in -aer, -eer, oír, or -oer. These verbs in the 3rd person have a “y” in the ending instead of an “i”, and in all the other endings, the “i” has an accent. Although not a complete list, below are some of the most common verbs that have this “y” and “í.”

For their storyboard have students use the grid template and create four columns and six rows. Each column is for one of the below verbs, or for one of your choosing. The six rows are for each conjugation form. In the model storyboard, only one form has been demonstrated, but students should include all. As modeled, students will write an original sentence for their scene that includes the targeted verb and form. In addition they will add a text box into the scene to repeat the verb form targeted in each cell. The number of columns requested can be adjusted according to student need.

caí leí creí
caíste leíste creíste oíste
cayó leyó creyó oyó
caímos leímos creímos oímos
caísteis leísteis creísteis oísteis
cayeron leyeron creyeron oyeron

Template and Class Instructions

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Grade Level 9-12

Difficulty Level 3 (Developing to Mastery)

Type of Assignment Individual

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