Activity Overview

Introducing students to new terminology at the beginning of a history unit will help them better understand what they're learning about. Students will create a storyboard that will define and represent Slave Trade vocabulary to assist them in the comprehension of the topic as a whole. Students define the term and create a corresponding visualization of each defined vocabulary term.

Slave Trade Example Terms

  • Triangle Trade
  • Middle Passage
  • Slavery
  • Overseer
  • Plantation
  • Slave Codes
  • Cash Crop
  • Dehumanization
  • Racism
  • Indentured Servant
  • Mercantilism
  • Runaway
  • Slave Auction
  • Stereotype
  • Creole
  • Fugitive

Template and Class Instructions

(These instructions are completely customizable. After clicking "Use This Assignment With My Students", update the instructions on the Edit Tab of the assignment.)

Student Instructions

Create a storyboard describing and illustrating important terminology for the slave trade.

  1. Click "Start Assignment".
  2. In the title, type in the term.
  3. In the description, type the definition as it relates to the slave trade.
  4. Create an illustration using appropriate scenes, items, and characters.
  5. Save and submit your storyboard.

Lesson Plan Reference

Grade Level 6-12

Difficulty Level 3 (Developing to Mastery)

Type of Assignment Individual or Partner

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