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Updated: 9/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Air allergy
  • At a villageTon : ACHOO!!!!Aea : What’s the matter?Ton : I'm probably allergic to something.Ton : I doubt it. There's a lot of dust in your house.
  • Aea : Yes, I haven't cleaned the house for ages.Ton : It's okay.Aea : Should you go to see a doctor? Ton : Ok, let's go.
  • At the clinicKui : Oh, Stitch. Long time no see. How are you?Aea: I'm fine, but my friend probably has an air allergy.Kui : How long has it been like this?Ton: For a long time. I want to know the causes of it.
  • Kui: Air allergy is caused by inhaling smoke of cigarettes.Kui: Air allergy can be due to ari pollution.Kui: Air allergy may be because of dust.Kui: Air allergy results from smoking too much.Kui: Air allergy may result from pollens.
  • Fah : There are many effects of air allergy.Fah: Air allergy results to in having weak health.Fah: Air allergy leads to asthma.Fah: Air allergy causes being tired easily.Fah: Air allergy brings about inflammation of the airways.Fah: Air allergy leads to heart diseases