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Updated: 1/8/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Before:Death Of Rasputin
  • Before:Bloody Sunday
  • During: February Revolution
  • Rasputin was invited to a dinner and the people poisoned the cake and the wine which he was the only one that ate it all which then he got short 3 times and he was thrown in a freezing cold lake which caused his death.
  • During:October Revolution
  • Bloody Sunday occurred in January 30,1972 where 500-1000 soldiers were killed by Czar general.
  • After:Civil War
  • On March 8,1917 February revolution started and when riots and strikes scarcity of food erupt in Petrograd. which most Russians lost their faith in the leadership ablitiy of the czarist regime.
  • After:Red Terror
  • October of 1997 October revolution started where Petrograd soviet,or council go together to eliminate czar Nicholas II.
  • LEAVE CZAR!!!!
  • Civil war started in 1918-1920 against the red army and the Anti boishevilk army and the winner was the Red army.
  • the red terror started in 1918 were their was massive killings by the boishevilk after Russian civil war.
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