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Social Studies 6 Agriculture Revolution
Updated: 10/26/2020
Social Studies 6 Agriculture Revolution
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  • Before Agriculture Revolution
  • I´m so cold and we have to move around so much! i wish we weren't nomads...
  • i have to hunt everything we eat and it takes all day and its dangerous!
  • Discovery of Agriculture
  • moo
  • Wow mom! that is cool!
  • Also, i can domesticate animals!
  • After Agriculture Revolution
  • We have community and laws now. for example, DO NOT KILL EACH OTHER
  • Our house is beautiful! now we can stay here permanently!
  • If i don´t want to hunt, i can do whatever jobs i want! Like tool-making!
  • Wow! A surplus of food!
  • Before people had discovered agriculture, they were forced to wander around following animal migrations for food. They had no permanent shelters, so they were cold and tired. The men had to go hunting, and often got injured or didn't make it back. The women had to forage for berries. Their life was pretty bad.
  • Once people discovered agriculture, their lives got easier. agriculture means basically farming, and domesticating animals to use them for yourself. when people discovered agriculture, their lives improved greatly. They could have pens for their animals ad not have to move around following the animals themselves.
  • After people discovered agriculture, they had no reason to move around. men didn't have to hunt as much, and they could get jobs that suited them better. People started trading the excess items they have, if they have lots of food thy will trade there food with other people. Not only men could get different jobs, but so could women.
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