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  • Amy, what do you think of my new gold earrings?
  • Amy that's not true! Gold is so cool and used for so many common things! I'll tell you all about it!
  • Wow Jessica! They are so pretty! Too bad gold is boring and only good for jewelry
  • However, the term gold comes from the German word, geolu, meaning yellow
  • The chemical symbol for gold is Au. It originates from the Latin word aurum, meaning glowing dawn. Since Romans did not know that gold was an element, they named it based on their observations.
  • But neither Romans nor Germans discovered gold! The element was originally discovered by the ancient Egyptian alchemist, Zosimos, in 2450 BC
  • Gold is a transition metal and is solid at room temperature. But if you wanted to have some fun and melt it, you would have to reach 1064 degrees Celsius. And gold wouldn't even boil until it reaches 3080 degrees Celsius!
  • Of course I can!
  • The element's atomic number is 79. Meaning that it is made up of 79 protons and 79 electrons. It's atomic mass is 196.97.
  • Woah, Jessica! That IS cool! Can you tell me more about the element?
  • Gold has two common isotopes: Au-197 and Au-195. The first has 118 neutrons, and the second has 116.
  • No wait there's more!
  • And don't even get me started on gold's compounds!
  • Yeah but gold is still kinda boring if there's only one kind
  • 1. Auric Chloride (AuCl3) 2. Chloroauric Acid (H[AuCl4])3. Gold Oxide (Au2O3)4. Gold Potassium Cynide (KAu[CN]2)5. Ammonium Gold (+1) Sulphite (AuH4NO3S
  • It is important to note 5 of gold's most common compounds:
  • Gold is one of the densest metals! The element has a density of 19.32 grams per cubic cm
  • Notes?! If I wanted to take notes I'd go back to school!
  • Exactly! Gold has so many important properties that make it so important. To name a few, the element conducts heat and electricity, is ductile, malleable, and is a great reflector of heat and light!
  • And because of this, gold has so many uses! It can be used in medicine and dentistry. Gold can be used to create currency and protection for astronauts against harmful infrared from the sun! And most importantly, it can be used in food!
  • Oh now I get it! Gold is more than just something to make pretty jewlry out of!
  • And do you know about gold's abundance in the world?
  • Gold makes up about .001-.004% parts per million of Earth's crust. And in the ocean, there is an estimated 45 thousand tons of gold! How cool is that?!
  • There's more?!
  • I think I get it now!
  • I know right?!
  • Wow! Gold is so much cooler than silver!
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