Updated: 2/24/2021

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china china china

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  • Taoism
  • we don't like violence, and we don't have many rules
  • this is Taoism, we live among nature.
  • inventions
  • this is an arrow from a crossbow
  • us Chinese people made, crossbows
  • ten abominations
  • the ten abominations were a set of the big main laws in legalism
  • if you broke any of these laws you were punished very harshly
  • Taoism (a.k.a Daoism) is where you live among the nature. you don't have to follow many rules, and don't get punished too harshly for your doings.
  • Confuciasism
  • this is confucisism, everyone gets treated the same
  • in ancient china, soldiers needed more powerful weapons, an upgraded version of the bow, a crossbow. you would put an arrow in it and pull the string back to lock it in place. when you want to fire you would pull a trigger
  • inventions
  • this is an earthquake detector.
  • in ancient china, if your city followed legalism and you broke the rules of the 10 abominations, you would be punished very harshly, and some of the punishments even involved death.
  • ten abominations
  • confuciasism is where you were expected to treat each other as you would be treating yourself, there was no harsh punishment like death penalty, but there was still laws.
  • we believe in treat others how you want to be treated.
  • this earthquake detector was used in ancient china, to warn them of earthquakes. little marbles would fall into the frogs mouth, when it shook too much. this warned the people that there was a quake
  • it once detected an earthquake from miles away
  • the ten abominations are laws and one of them that you can not commit an act of murder
  • i just attempted murder. that is against the abominations