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Storyboard Vocab project
Updated: 11/24/2020
Storyboard Vocab project
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due Friday / nov. 20

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  • What is this place? I'm starting to get cold too. My allergies are acting up, do you have a handkerchief perhaps?
  • huh?
  • Sometimes I wonder if I should really take into consideration what the news says.
  • Breaking news!
  • I feel like the news reigns over as one of the top-drama and gossip spill shows.
  • I hope this isn't some hoax, and they are being serious and earnestly about this.
  • Sightseers and tourists have spotted a new creature / beast!
  • The beast was spotted under a lamppost, merely an hour ago.
  • If you see this half goat half human creature, a faun, please contact the secret police immediately.
  • Ill look around the premises to see if i can find this-
  • AHH
  • Here, follow me.
  • Ah, please calm yourself. I don't mean to be too fraternizing.. but believe me, I am not one of your enemies
  • My name is Tumnus, but you can call me Mr. Tumnus.
  • Ah, well you see this where I've been staying. It may be less superior a average house, but it's cozy!
  • And yes, I have some camphor oil inside as well if you need it.
  • So, "Mr. Tumnus," why are the police after you? What did u do..?
  • Well, frankly I haven't done anything. I was minding my own business.
  • I was just- *BEEP BEEP BEEP*
  • Huh? I guess all of that was just a dream..
  • *wink*
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