Unknown Story
Updated: 6/3/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • We want it back!
  • We are taking this farm back!
  • Jones and all his men were all carrying sticks. Jones was marching ahead with a gun in his hands. They were all angry at the animals and were going to attempt the recapture of the farm.
  • Follow them!
  • Hurry up!
  • Snowball launched his first attack. Thirty-five pigeons muted upon them from mid-air. The geese pecked viciously at the calves of their legs. However, the men easily drove the geese off with their sticks.
  • Snowball launched his second line of attack. Muriel, Benjamin, all the sheep and him rushed forward and prodded and butted the men. But once again the men were too strong for them.
  • It is time to leave!
  • Run! Now!
  • At a squeal from Snowball all the animals returned to the farm. The men gave a shout of triumph. They rushed after them as fast as they could.
  • Let's go to the farm!
  • As soon as they were well inside the yard, the animals emerged in their rear, cutting them off. Snowball dashed straight for Jones. Jones raised his gun and fired; a sheep dropped dead. Then, Snowball flung his fifteen stone against Jones’s legs. Boxer was rearing up on his hind legs.
  • Several men dropped their sticks and tried to run. All the animals together were chasing them. They were gored, kicked, bitten, trampled on, then the men rushed out of the yard.