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  • that is true, my daughter is right over there with her friend and all they be listening to is this hip hop music
  • hey girl what u doing here? all this noise damn, these youngsters only want to be listening to this kind of music all day , it's even playing here in the mall.
  • hip hop is a genre that most youths enjoy listening to in today's society. I wonder the impact it has on them?
  • I can't understand what's so good in those songs that children love to listen to these days
  • *sigh*
  • These parents are obviously concern about the impact hip hop music has on their children
  • All over the globe hip hop has been one of the main music genres of many that society listens to today. The top favourite artist have been catching people's attention by releasing songs that they know society are interested in or is "trending'' Whether it is about guns, money, or even engaging in inappropriate doings.
  • This is where parents are worried about what this new generation of children are listening to. Mostly because what a child listens to sometimes reenacts in their behavior. E.g if a child decides to listen to a rapper rap about shooting and killing they will think that's it is ok to do the same, especially if they consider that artist their idol or a role model for them. Whatever the artist raps about is accurate or not the listeners will still indulge in that type of behavior.
  • Now this does not mean that children should not listen to hip hop because of how it can impact a child. There are also artist who are speaking to the youths and encouraging them to stay in school and so forth in their songs, it is all based on what a child listens to and what they decide to acknowledge from the song and the person who is rapping/singing it. Parents are also responsible for checking up on their children and knowing what their child decides to listen to.
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