Comic strip

Updated: 11/14/2020
Comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Yes. I must recognise, it was one of the most difficult adventures in my lives.
  • Really!?
  • At the summit of Mount Everest it was so difficult to breath and me and my friend Tenzing Norgay needed to wear oxygen masks. It was a great experience, and when we arribed at the top, we were very proud of ourselves.
  • The best adventure I have ever had was when I climbed the Mount Everest for the first time.
  • Was it good?
  • It was good because we had all the support of our families and I felt very self-confident.
  • However, I didn't like the fact that my best friend didn't support me to make my dream become real. It is true that I understood him because he is always worried of me.
  • I learnt that if you want, you can!
  • Did you learn something?