Reunification of China Project
Updated: 1/17/2020
Reunification of China Project
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hey kids want some candy

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  • Yellow Turban Rebellion
  • Wendi ascends the Throne
  • Golden Age of the Sui Dynasty
  • Daoist peasants, lead by Zhang Jue, fought for a non-corrupt government in the Yellow Turban Rebellion.
  • Li Yuan establishes Tang Dynasty
  • Wendi took advantage of the chaos and united China, establishing the Sui Dynasty.
  • The Silk Road
  • During the Sui Dynasty's golden age, Confucianism was reestablished and Buddhism flourished.
  • The (illegal) Export of Silkworms
  • Li Yuan established the powerful Tang dynasty, building on the Sui's achievements and avoiding its mistakes.
  • Despite the Silk Road being protected by the Great Wall, bandits still attacked caravans in the open desert for their valuable cargo.
  • Silk was one of the most precious trade items in China. Exporting silkworm eggs was punishable by death, but around 550, two monks hid the eggs in their bamboo staffs and revealed it to Emperor Justinian of the Byzantine Empire.
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