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Updated: 11/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Macbeth and Banquo see Ross & Angus, who bring news of honours to Macbeth. This is the event that will cause Macbeth to begin thinking about killing King Duncan.
  • The former Thane of Cawdor betrayed Scotland, and the king says you're very brave and noble, Macbeth!
  • Hey Macbeth, the king told us to tell you that you're the Thane of Cawdor now!
  • Whaaaaat? The strange beings were right!
  • Macbeth begins to think about the events which have just occurred, and what they mean for the future. This is where he begins to truly consider the treasonous and ambition-driven plan, which he and his wife will attempt in the future.
  • Macbeth, I wouldn't trust those strange beings. They may just be trying to gain your trust, which they will later use to their advantage. Now, let's head home. I'm ready when you are.
  • So, the witches' first prediction was right... I wonder if fate will make me King, or if I must do something to make it happen. I now find myself thinking of killing King Duncan to make myself King... no, that's a terrible, awful thought... right?
  • End of Act 1, Scene 3
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