alang arts

Updated: 5/12/2020
alang arts

Storyboard Text

  • hel nimona what brings you here today
  • i would like to atend 8th grade at MICDS
  • hello mr reiny and mrs shuckman
  • very cool but since this is school are you smart?
  • hello Nimana i am mr Reiny an dthis is mrs shckman
  • i guess that counts
  • well i have many strengths i have many personalities like i can turn into a dragon and protect the school from badguys see...
  • thats great please tell me some of your strengths
  • ahhhhh
  • raarrr!!!
  • um yes very vey cool i guess...
  • well Nimona i think mrs shuckman and i rlly like you and will expet you into MICDS
  • well since i can shape shift into a smart person
  • pretend thats albert einstein
  • wow! thnak you so much!