A Flamingo In The Hallway

Updated: 4/14/2021
A Flamingo In The Hallway

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  • Did you see Olivia today?Linda: I have her in my next two periods, why?Because she can be so annoying!!
  • Linda: Ok, calm down. I know how you feel.Olivia just has to tell everyone in the world of how beautiful she is when we get. Also, she brags about herself like 24/7.
  • Becky: Get back here, ball!!!To her, bragging is just talking about all of the great things that happened to her.
  • Olivia: Hello everybody!! Do you notice anything different about me?!!
  • Cough!............
  • Nope!Nothing at all!You are all blind! Nobody saw this pretty glowing tiara thing on my head!We saw, but we ignored you.Yeah, for a second, you looked like a flamingo.Olivia: UGH!!!